Smart Crosswalk

People, living in megalopolises are more than others endangered by different things that are waiting for them in many places, for example in the area of uncontrolled pedestrian crossing.

It deals with many reasons and, particularly, with inattentiveness of car drivers and poor visibility of crosswalks. This area is often not visible due to closely parked cars, worn markings, bad weather or traffic participants themselves.

I would like to bring to your attention the concept of Smart Crosswalk, which will help to reduce the number of accidents on the roads and people’s deaths; and will warn the driver about the appearance of a man on the crossing.

Smart Crosswalk will turn red as soon as it is touched by a human’s foot.

The installed sensor will react to the appearance of a pedestrian and give a signal by the light elements of the Smart Crosswalk to warn road users of the danger! Undoubtedly, the driver will be able to see this signal even from away, because the whole area of pedestrian crossing will be glowing red! The driver will be able to stop the car and allow pedestrians go, because the red light is visible from the farthest distance.

In conditions of poor visibility or night time, the sensors of Smart Crosswalk will turn on the backlight standby pedestrian and the area of pedestrian crossing will be illuminated with white light, so that it will also warn all road users about the proximity of the pedestrian crossing zone and that the crosswalk is empty and the way for cars is opened.

The construction of Smart Crosswalk includes:

  1. Sealed metal box with light elements installed inside, which are set in the cradle, formed in the roadway;

  2. Splicers modules from inforced light-transmitting glass with relief on the top side for safe movement and relief on the inner side to improve the light-diffusing qualities of the product

3 . Frames made of metal profile for fixing the whole construction to the pavement

  1. Incoming electrical supply can be organized differently: from the municipal electric network; with the help of light or heat accumulators or by installations that convert kinetic energy into electricity.

Absolutely, on the one hand, this concept demands considerable material costs for its realization. But, on the other hand, is it appropriate to talk about money when it comes to the health and lives of people?

Alexey Chugunnikov